A one-day event on November 3, 2018 to challenge MEN to be

godly leaders, husbands, fathers, and servants of the Lord

with guest speakers:

Pastor Jonathan Falwell

Evangelist Tim Lee

Coach Doug Smith

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JOnathan falwell

Rev. Jonathan Falwell is senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church. He has served as senior pastor since June of 2007. Rev. Falwell has been in full-time ministry since 1994. He has been married to Shari since 1992 and they have four children; Jonathan Jr. (born 1996), Jessica (born 1997), Natalie and Nicholas (twins born in 2000).

Tim lee

Tim Lee was converted at age ten but would soon develop a hostile attitude toward authority. To escape the world around him, he joined the Marine Corps in 1969. After his training, he received orders to serve in southeast Asia. In March of 1971, Tim Lee was apprehended by the hand of God along an abandoned grassy trail in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. In that moment, engulfed in smoke, fire and holy vengeance, a land mine explosion severed two lower limbs, and placed in a wheelchair for life a young man who was to carry, without legs, a message from God to a nation. Today, Tim Lee makes enthusiasm a daily habit and is constantly inspiring others to do the same. He proclaims his message from pulpits, in patriotic rallies, organizational conferences, crusades, public schools, veteran’s organizations, the military, radio and television, college chapels and university commencements. Without the benefit of legs he is undaunted and has hunted bear in the Alaskan tundra using only his hands for mobility. He has fished marlin and other great fighters of the deep seas, he rides horseback and not once let the loss of his legs hinder him from living life to its fullest. As a true example of an overcomer and doing it with all the zeal any one person could have, he lives by his motto of “How do you stop a man who won’t quit!” 

doug Smith

Doug Smith is the head football coach for the 3-time 2A Virginia State Champion Appomattox Raiders.

Conference Schedule

Saturday, November 3

8:30 - 9:00 AM - Check-in

9:00 AM - Session 1 with Evangelist Tim Lee

10:00 AM - Session 2 with Pastor Jonathan Falwell

11:00 AM - Lunch

12:00 PM - Session 3 with Coach Doug Smith

1:00 PM - Giveaways and Session 4 with Evangelist Tim Lee